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Gold Green Lab Sept 2021
Gold Green Lab Sept 2021

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Goodbye Samuel- we'll miss you!

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2021.11.19 Congratulations to everyone on the publication of our Nature Chemical Biology paper entitled "A proteome-wide map of 20(S)-hydroxycholesterol interactors in cell membranes"!

     Fantastic commentary by the Baskin lab at Cornell: "There is a lock for every key"

     Honored to be recognized by Derek Lowe's In the Pipeline blog: "Another Orphan Reunited"

2021.11.01 Welcome to our newest members, Malik, Milan, and Bertha.

2021.10.25 Farewell Amrita- we'll miss you in group meeting!!  Best of luck at Addgene!

2021.09.01 Thank you very much to Caltech Sustainability for their recognition of our lab as the first "Gold" member of Caltech's Green Labs.  Great job to everyone for their commitment to sustainable science (story here).

2021.06.11 Congratulations to Sarida on your graduation!  Best of luck (not needed but always helpful!) in your graduate research at UCSD.

2021.05.28 Farewell Samuel!  Best of luck in your PhD research at Vanderbilt!!

2021.05.18 Saved the Escapology world from... a terrible fate.  Great job finding the Antidote everyone!

2021.05.07 Congrats to Tianyi for receiving the 2021 Jack E. Froehlich Memorial Award, awarded to "juniors in the upper five percent of their class who also exhibit outstanding promise for a creative professional career". 


2021.03.11 Congratulations to Tianyi for acceptance of his informative review on diazirine structure, reactivity, and photoaffinity crosslinking applications!


2021.02.23 Congrats to Team Hedgehog on the acceptance of their latest paper and Team Oxysterol for their preprint (posted on Research Square)!

2020.12.23 Never fear - we have escaped from the Haunted [online] Theatre!  Just in time for the holidays 😅🎄 Great job everyone!

2020.09.03 Welcome to Samuel Oyedele, our newest synthetic chemist!

2020.08.25 Farewell Alexa!  The lab won't be the same without you.  Best wishes for your internship at the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine!

2020.07.01 Welcome Brandon from Cal Poly Pomona!

2020.06.26 Farewell Erika... we'll miss you, 😿 but we know you'll do great things at Invizyne!

2020.05.18 Congratulations Tianyi on receiving the Renuka D. Sharma Prize for 2020 for outstanding performance in your freshman year.

2020.06.01 Congratulations Alexa and Amrita on graduating with the class of 2020!

2020.06.01 Congratulations Gracie and our fantastic collaborators at CSUF on publication of our ACS Chem Bio paper, "Small Molecule Intervention in a PKC-Gli Axis".

2020.05.21  Congratulations Rahul, Erika, and Daniel on authoring our lab's first publication! 🎉🥳

2020.03.17  Heartfelt well wishes to Gracie Zhang, who is migrating one floor up to the Hsieh-Wilson group.

2020.03.13  Farewell Rahul!  Best of luck in your new position at City of Hope.  Hedgehog will never be the same...

2020.02.26 Very grateful for a Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation Grant to support our collaboration with Prof. Ross Wang at Temple University and Abhishek Singharoy at Arizona State University!  Let's Measure the Forces of Life [using our chemical-genetic mechanosensors]!

2020.01.07  New Year, also new website.

2020.01.01  New Year, new preprint.  Check out our picture of the Hh SRR on bioRxiv!

2019.10.15  Great conference at Scialog and incentive to do some cool mechanochemical biology!

2019.08.26  Welcome Erika!  A molecular biology guru.

2019.08.23. Farewell Colin and Divya.  It was a fantastic summer.

2019.07.01  A warm welcome to Yu-Shiuan Cheng, our new postdoc- we're happy to have you join us!

2019.03.28  Congratulations to Gracie on passing her Candidacy Exam!!  Our first official PhD candidate!

2019.03.18  Welcome Daniel Peng, Sarida Pratuangtham, and Amrita Rhoads.  Let’s have a fantastic Spring Quarter!

2018.11.05  Farewell Amanda - good luck hacking the universe!

2018.12.14  Farewell Mark, Lincoln, and Emily - we’ll be seeing you around ;)

2018.11.12  Welcome Tianyi Zhang, our new Freshman labmate.  Let’s make some molecules!

2018.11.05  Farewell Katie and Lex - good luck with your next rotation!

2018.11.01  Welcome Emily Laubscher, our newest rotation student!  Can’t wait to get started!

2018.10.01  Welcome Lex Colon, our newest Chemistry rotation student!

2018.09.28  Congrats to the Ondrus Lab and Katie for a winning poster in CCE’s Seminar Day!

2018.09.25  Farewell Sarah - it was great to work with you for the summer!

2018.09.19  A warm welcome to our newest rotation student from Biology, Mark Zhang!

2018.09.07  Goodbye Christie - many thanks for your fantastic contributions to the group and best of luck in the future!

2018.08.24  Farewell Mike!  Stay in touch!

2018.08.17  Farewell Allie and Jean!  We'll miss you!

2018.08.13  Welcome incoming G1 Katie Page.  Can't wait to get started on your brand new project!

2018.08.06  Welcome incoming G1 Lincoln Ombelets.  Looking forward to a fantastic start to your grad school career!

2018.07.27  Check out everyone's new photos on our Members page!

2018.07.23  Welcome to Sarah Jeoung, our newest Caltech undergrad!

2018.06.11  Welcome to our summer students, Jean (Berkeley), Allie (Rice), Mike (UMass Lowell)!  And welcome back Amanda (Caltech)!

2018.03.19  Welcome back Gracie Z as our first official graduate student!  Time to celebrate!

2018.02.15  Welcome Dr. Xiang Ma, our newest postdoc

2018.01.15  Welcome to our new undergraduate researchers, Alexa Lauinger, Amanda Li, and Christie Huang

2018.01.02  Welcome to our new rotation student, Michelle Fuhrman

2017.12.19  Farewell to rotation students James Ousey and Grace Wang - we hope to see you back soon!

2017.10.01  Welcome Dr. Rahul Purohit (from Northwestern Univeristy), our first postdoc

2017.09.22  Welcome James Ousey (from Stanford), our new BMB rotation student

2017.08.21  Welcome Morgan Abernathy (from Rice), the newest member of our Chemistry early starters

2017.08.04  Welcome Grace Wang (from Duke) and Gracie Zhang (from WUSTL), early start Chemistry students

2017.05.31  The lab is getting close... !

2017.05.19  Check out a conversation about our research on the Caltech website!

2017.05.10  Hoods are in!

2017.04.11  Only a matter of weeks until the move to the new lab...

2017.04.11  Farewell Anand and Claudia- best of luck in your next labs!

2017.01.01  Welcome Anand Mathusumy, Claudia Jette, Hanwei Liu, and Priya Chittur, our first rotation students!